Welcome to Neutrino Labs!

Neutrino Labs, Inc. is the creator of the NeutrinoBox, NeutrinoRDP, XRDP, and StoreX*. A future product, Neutrino Encoder, will provide hardware-accelerated graphics processing, based on principles of quantum information theory and methods currently in the research and design stages.

Our mission is to connect worlds with remote graphics technology, apps, and mobile devices, while coupling systems with enterprise and consumer products for retail, medical, entertainment, architecture, cybersecurity, and more. With innovative, integrated technologies, such as augmented reality and artificial intelligence, we can connect with anyone, anywhere in the universe. We are also passionate about quantum computing, passive energy solutions, the internet of things, and their applications in a wide array of industries. We plan to drive innovation with these technologies, plus many others.

Contact us if you would like to contribute to our public Github repo as we focus on bringing NeutrinoBox and other solutions to market. We greatly appreciate our team member's hard work and feedback. We are continually working to bring you the latest updates, so please, check back soon.

Thomas J. Goddard
CEO & Founder | Neutrino Labs, Inc.