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One application for neutrinos, is the study of distant objects, like a cosmic x-ray machine peering through our universe. The Blazar Neutrino and multimessenger astronomy is just an example of how neutrinos are transforming the way we look at our universe. The latest discovery is driving research and funding into applications for neutrinos, and Neutrino Labs is one of the pioneering companies building apps that can one day leverage this quickly advancing area of research.

With products such as NeutrinoBox and NeutrinoFX, we couple existing technology for remote graphics with some of the most advanced research out there in physics and computer science. It's our hope that one day we will bring technology developed using neutrinos to every person around the globe, and eventually to other planets. We believe that neutrinos and communication technology built with these tiny particles is the key to multi-planetary communication and computing.

*Neutrino Labs isn't just excited about neutrinos, we are also passionate about developing apps for shopping, retail and beyond. Please check for updates to products shipping soon.